Fast n' Fun


Does your child's room need a tune-up? Imagine reliving the thrill of a speedway with a room emblazoned with Fast n' Fun! Bold cars and checkered flags set the pace for this pulse-raising pattern guaranteed to accelerate your child's excitement.

The Fast n' Fun pit crew includes:

  • 6 7/8" Pre-pasted Border
  • Peel n' Stick Room Appliqués
  • Peel n' Stick Jumbo Appliqués
  • Single Switch Plate
  • Double Switch Plate
  • Outlet Cover
  • Night Light
  • Drawer Pulls
  • Sculpted Wall Art
  • D-Lightz Accent Lamp

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Fast n' Funn is © LoriLynn Simms and is used under license by Borders Unlimited, Inc. All rights are reserved.